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Our EAP services have a 98% staff engagement rate.

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Employee absenteeism reduced by 36% after accessing Health Connect counselling services


Male employee engagement increased with the online counselling service by 62%


98% of employees said they would recommend the service to a work colleague

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We started working with MCL Medics in October 2021 and are delighted with the level of service provided. The fact staff can access the service…
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Dawn – Midlothian council

We have recently moved to using MCL EAP after a number of years with another provider. We have found the service provided to be of…

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James Hutton Institute

We decided to start with an EAP in our company to give extra support to our staff members. Sometimes, personal problems can generate a big…

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“MCL Medics have been providing effective occupational health services, including health surveillance, to Premier Oil for over 5 years – both onshore and offshore. Their…

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Peter Buchan (Occupational H&S Lead)

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Employee Assistance Programme

We’re an established, experienced and trusted EAPA approved EAP provider. We have an impeccable 20 years of experience delivering Employee Assistance Programmes.

Over the last 20 years we’ve supported 24/7 companies small, medium and large across all industry sectors including the public sector. We also provide Occupational Health Services UK wide which significantly compliments our employee assistance programme.

We are immensely proud of our amazing dedicated Employee Assistance Programme specialist teams. Everyday we support millions of employees around the clock through the Employee Assistance Programme. We’ve made it our mission to offer an interactive and proactive Employee Assistance Programme. We also provide Mental Heath First Aid Training courses which empowers trained employees to promote early engagement with the Employee Assistance Programme.

What is the Employee Assistance Programme?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counselling and referrals  to employees with work-related or personal mental health or stress-related problems that could significantly impact their job performance.

Investing in an EAP is one of the best workplace benefits an employer could have for their employees.

Our EAP services help address a wide range of complex issues that affect the emotional and mental well-being of the employees, including;

  • Anxiety
  • Stress and burnout 
  • Work related stress
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Relationship and family
  • Critical incidents
  • Traumatic incidents Trauma counselling
  • Bereavement
  • Money troubles and debt management
  • Depression
  • Legal information helpline
  •  Marital problems

Our EAP counsellors can also work in a consultative role with managers and employees to address organisational needs and challenges and assess the readiness of employees for deployment in various duties.  

While an employee assessment program primarily focuses on the employees, the benefits extend out to the organisation, making it symbiotic and beneficial to all. 

Our EAP aims to provide timely intervention and support for a wide range of issues that employees face. With our customised approach, we can tailor solutions to fit the business and a specific employee for the best possible outcome.

Why Use Our EAP Counselling?

Anxiety, stress and other mental and emotional well-being issues are rampant in today’s workplace. Unchecked, these imbalances can impact the performance of employees in the workplace and even lead to missed work, which, for the business, means lost revenue and reduced productivity.

Companies looking to get the best out of their employees add EAPs to their benefits package. These programs help employees manage anxiety in any form, which benefits the company as a whole. For example, the employee may feel more support just by having these offerings available, which can help to motivate them and improve their productivity.

Some of the reasons you should use our Employee Assistance Program include;

Supporting employee wellness

Our EAP doesn’t just help employees cope with personal and workplace stress. It is also there to support your employees through significant life and career events, providing a valuable resource that helps them navigate the various stressors without letting work suffer.

Tailored service at scale

Besides taking care of millions of workers in different sectors, we take the time to tailor our services to the sector and the employees we are working with. We understand each person has different needs and also the value of that personal touch. We remove barriers to accessible, holistic health and wellbeing support to provide the best care and counselling to our employees.

24/7 Support

You get round-the-clock support for you and your people. You can book counselling support privately and discreetly in under a minute with our app and speak to a professional any time of the day or night. This means we are just a phone call away whenever you need us.

Benefits of the Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP provides numerous benefits for you and your employees, such as;

Increase productivity and performance in the workplace

Health employees are productive employees. Studies have shown that companies with EAPs have reduced absenteeism and workplace distress. When employees are engaged at work, they are more productive. The EAP can also help facilitate collaboration with co-workers to reduce burnout and increase output.

Reduced absenteeism

EAPs help reduce absenteeism by addressing underlying mental health concerns and providing strategies for managing work-related stress. Employees can resolve personal or mental health issues privately and confidentially through the EAP.

Enhanced employee retention

Identifying and recruiting new employees is a costly venture. Most companies would instead retain their best of the best, and an EAP can help with that. EAPs contribute to higher employee retention rates because the employees feel supported and valued by the organisation. Additionally, the EAP can help improve workplace morale and culture.

Employee Assistance Program FAQs

Q: Are EAP services confidential?

Yes. Records of all services are kept private and unavailable to employers or others without the employee’s written consent.

Q: What are the qualifications of your EAP counsellors?

Our counsellors are BACP accredited or working towards accreditation, and we are EAPA certified. We have thoroughly trained and experienced counsellors who offer solution-focused brief therapy.

Q: Is EAP available after business hours?

Yes, through our 24/7 phone support. You can call us when you have an urgent need or want to speak to someone immediately. We always have a trained counsellor ready to talk to you.