Employee Assistance Programme

An EAP provider which engages with the whole workforce

We’re an established, experienced and trusted EAPA approved EAP provider. We have an impeccable 20 years of experience delivering Employee Assistance Programmes. Over the last 20 years we’ve supported 24/7 companies small, medium and large across all industry sectors including the public sector. We also provide Occupational Health Services UK wide which significantly compliments our employee assistance programme.

We are immensely proud of our amazing dedicated Employee Assistance Programme specialist teams. Everyday we support millions of employees around the clock through the Employee Assistance Programme. We’ve made it our mission to offer an interactive and proactive Employee Assistance Programme. We also provide Mental Heath First Aid Training courses which empowers trained employees to promote early engagement with the Employee Assistance Programme.

We advise that initially, both organisations need to work together to design an Employee Assistance Programme which fits your business. We believe it is critical your EAP Provider takes this approach. Firstly, this approach will enable you to embed a culture of confidential support, counselling and wellbeing. Secondly, designed to reach the entire workforce and not just the few. Finally, we want your Employee Assistance Programme to be used and be a significant health benefit.

An EAP provider achieving 98% engagement

Removing all the barriers to access

There are a wide range of pathways to access the 24/7 EAP service: telephone, email, live chat, web portal and through our interactive mobile App.  An industry first, book a counselling session using the mobile App in under 1 minute. We’ve also gone one step further, the mobile app also allows for face to face video calls.

We always take a strategic look at the prevention of key factors of absenteeism, whether it’s stress and anxiety or physical wellbeing we will tailor the wellbeing element of the Employee Assistance Programme. We offer a wealth of interactive information and everything is designed for ease of use and digital. Health and wellbeing is at the forefront of employee engagement programme.

All of our EAP counsellors are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and therefore committed to working within the framework of the BACP code of ethics.

EAP key features:

24/7 confidential counselling
24/7 access to specialist counselling
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
24/7 access to the health and wellbeing Hub
Money and debt management
Legal information help line
Critical incident support
Onsite Wellness days

Telephone – Email – Live Chat – Web Portal – Mobile App

HR & Management Support

We will provide you company with a management support line to assist and provide direct support.

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Employee Counselling Services

Our counselling services vary depending on nature and needs of the person. We have a team of very experienced counsellors accessible by phone and digitally.

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Critical Incident Support

After a critical incident it is common for staff to feel confused about what they have witnessed, how they feel and, what they should do.

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EAP Providers

It is recommended, when choosing your EAP provider, that the company providing the service is a EAPA registered EAP provider.

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