Mental Health First Aid

Empowering your employees through Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid; training to empower people to care for themselves and others by developing the skills to look after their own and others’ wellbeing.

MHFA courses will raise your awareness and improve your ability to spot early signs and symptoms of common mental health illnesses, such as anxiety, depression and stress. The training will also provide awareness around the utilisation of an Employee Assistance Programme; promoting take up and early engagement. Our range of services include the provision of an Employee Assistance Programme which is accredited by EAPA.

Training is the first step and the foundation to a healthy workplace. Educating people about mental health helps to open up conversations, breaks down stigma and encourages mental health resilience. It can also ensure people are aware of how to access help, allowing for quicker recoveries, less absence and more positive outcomes.

The most effective way to create a healthy working environment is to give people the tools and skills in mental health awareness and support, we provide this through a programme with blended levels throughout your organisation. Every workplace is different, we will provide an adaptable framework.

Mental Health First Aid Courses

We offer Mental Health First Aid courses both online and face to face. Our courses are delivered in accordance with the Mental Health First Aid England guidelines by our specialists who have experience of training specifically in the workplace.

Choose from a range of buying options to suit timescales and budgets, we will also support you from planning to delivery and can provide a bespoke package.

Online course deliveries take place through the MHFA England Online Learning Hub, as a blend of live training sessions and self-learning activities.

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