Medical Advice and Strategy

Helping you understand the regulations relevant to your business

Our approach to medical advisory and strategy is to provide our client with a nominated medical advisor or alternatively offer a team approach, i.e. our advice service is delivered by our medical advisory team. The medical advisory team would consist of the following clinical team members:

  • Director of Client Relations (in a clinical (occupational health) capacity)

  • Occupational Health Physician

  • Senior Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational Health and Safety legislation prescribes that companies must safeguard the health and safety of their employees and contractors while at work, but the laws are not prescriptive about the way in which this should be achieved.

The service will assist the Company in understanding the details of the various regulations in force at any time, providing recommendations on how to adhere to them. This helps companies to employ best practice and understand how the various laws and regulations relate to each other and how they are interpreted in practice:

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