Critical Incident Support

Providing critical support 24/7

Our Employee Assistance Programme provides an organised intervention to aid staff if they have experienced or witnessed a critical incident. 

When the unexpected happens, it’s natural for your team to feel overwhelmed. Confusion, emotions, and questions abound. That’s where we step in, offering responsive and expert critical incident intervention. We’re here to minimise disruption and contain trauma, ensuring your workplace remains strong.

Our highly-trained telephone counsellors are a lifeline, ready to provide rapid support to every affected staff member. We don’t just listen; we also offer actionable recommendations for the path forward. Our specialised trauma support counsellors assist your employees in making sense of their experiences.

With utmost urgency, our critical support team will be on hand, guaranteeing the presence of a counsellor on-site within 24-48 hours. This pivotal step helps identify those most affected and maintains a consistent workplace environment. By acting swiftly, we aim to mitigate any delayed responses to trauma.

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