Vocational Medical Assessments

We specialise in providing services tailored to each individual business

We are a trusted national medical assessments provider. With a wealth of experience, our team of medical experts provide a range of medical assessments used across the sector to protect businesses and their workforce from risk. Our team understands that every organisation is different so we offer occupational health services tailored to each individual business’ exact requirements.

We can facilitate a first rate medical assessment at a location that is convenient for each individual. Our clinics across the UK guarantee a quality medical assessment service, from statutory medical assessments to industry specific assessments such as OGUK Medicals and D4 Medicals, so you can rest assured that we will provide a service to meet the specific requirements of your workforce.

Our reliable medical assessment service is trusted by many industry leading organisations. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of statutory and vocational medical assessments required across the industry. Medical assessments use a variety of methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform specific tasks in line with industry requirements and standards. This includes screening, questionnaires and specific medical checks, for example, vision and hearing tests.

The Medical Assessments We Provide

  • OGUK Offshore Medicals – A legal requirement for anyone wishing to work offshore. Valid for two years, the OGUK Offshore Medical involves screening, questionnaires and a medical examination.

  • ERT Medicals – A medical assessment specifically for Emergency Response Teams to evaluate fitness.

  • LGV and PSV Medicals – Medical assessment to ensure applicants meet the standards set out by the DVLA to drive specialist vehicles.

  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Medicals: *Ionising Radiation (IR), Asbestos, Lead – Specialist medicals are required before working with ionising radiation, lead and asbestos, which have potentially harmful health implications. Medical assessments involve a consultation with a doctor before exposure. The HSE provides further details about safe working practices with IR, asbestos and lead.

  • Seafarers Medicals (ENG1) – Seafarers Medicals are the medical fitness certification for those who work at sea. An MCA (Marine and Coastguard Agency) approved doctor is required to issue the ENG1 certificate after the medical has taken place. For further details please visit: mcga.gov.uk

  • Crane Operators Medicals – Crane operators working offshore must hold an OGUK Offshore Certificate. For more information regarding ‘Safety Critical Workers’ please see the HSE website.


*Ionising Radiation – A medical examination is required before first being designated as a classified person in a post involving work with ionising radiation with periodic reviews of health at least once every year and a review of health after cessation of work where this is necessary, to safeguard the health of the individual. For more information about Working with Radiation, please see HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk/radiation/ionising

Asbestos – All asbestos workers who require a license are subject to periodic medical assessment by an HSE appointed Doctor. Workers undertaking notifiable non-licensed work with asbestos also require medical surveillance by a suitably qualified Doctor. For more information about Working with Asbestos, please see  website at http://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos

Lead– A Lead Medical involves the taking of blood to test for lead levels and a consultation with an HSE Appointed Doctor. For information regarding working safely with lead please see the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk/lead

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