MCL Medics First Day Absence Management Counselling Service

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Managing employee absence due to anxiety and stress, especially on the first day, requires a sensitive and supportive approach. MCL Medics’ First Day Absence Management Counselling Service is here to support employees who have been signed off work with anxiety or stress/work related stress.

This service is designed to provide essential support to employees during their initial absence from work and to ensure they get the right help and support they need to return to the workplace.

MCL Medics are aware that returning to work after an absence can be difficult and challenging, and our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition back to the workplace.

How does it work?

On the first day of employee absence, we offer immediate support.  We prioritise the mental wellbeing of the employee and by putting them in contact with our expert counsellors who can guide them through the process of returning to work.  Should an employee be signed off with work related stress, we will work in partnership with the manager/HR/OH to create a supportive environment and accommodate any necessary adjustments.

What are the benefits?

The MCL Medics First Day Absence Management Counselling Service ensures employee issues are addressed promptly by our professional counsellors.  We aim to minimise the duration of employee absence and to help and support employees return to their work duties as soon as possible.

Mental health issues are the leading cause of sickness absence in the workplace.  By providing same day counselling support to employees, we can help to reduce the number of days lost to mental health.  The benefits of putting this service in place may help improve the working environment and may also have a positive effect on the company’s finances.

Referral Process

– The service comes into play when the employee is issued with a ‘Fit Note’ from their healthcare provider citing stress/work related stress, or anxiety as the issue.

– The manager/HR/OH can gain access to independent expert professional therapy support to help their employee return to work by contacting MCL Medics first day absence management counselling service.

– Employees can only be referred by their manager/HR/OH to the service. They cannot self-refer.

– Once the manager/HR/OH has completed the referral form and gained the employees consent, an MCL Medics’ counsellor will contact the employee the same day.

– A detailed and structured 30-minute assessment will be undertaken by the same counsellor to determine the appropriate pathway for the employee. This process involves understanding the employees’ needs, concerns, goals, and any factors that may delay recovery.

– MCL Medics will ensure the employee receives guidance on where to obtain information and advice and which support mechanisms are available to them.

– A report containing details from the assessment will be provided to the manager/HR/OH within two working days. Employees must give consent to release the contents of the assessment to the manager/HR/OH.

– MCL Medics will be on hand should the manager/HR/OH need any further support or to answer any questions. We can work with both the manager/HR/OH and the employee to ensure a smooth transition back to workplace.

– The employee will receive 6 counselling sessions with our specialist counsellors.

Counselling process

Counselling is highly effective in helping individuals manage their stress and anxiety.  Our specialist First Day Absence Management Counselling Service can help to support and prepare the employee to re-enter the workplace after a period of absence.

The counsellor will support the employee during their sessions to:

  1. Understand the cause of the presenting stress or anxiety

  • Counsellors will allow the employee to explore the root cause of their anxiety or stress
  • Identify any triggers and patterns causing the stress or anxiety
  1. Learn coping strategies

  • Employees will learn practical coping strategies to manage their stress or anxiety
  • Strategies may include relaxation exercises, mindfulness, breathing techniques and assertiveness skills to help employees reduce stress and anxiety levels and regain a sense of control.
  1. Recognise thought patterns

  • Counselling often incorporates cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. CBT can help individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs that contribute to stress and anxiety.
  • By recognising and challenging unhelpful thinking patterns, employees replace them with more balanced perspectives.
  1. Consider behavioural changes

  • Counsellors will guide the client in making positive behavioural changes
  • This could invoke gradual exposure to stress or anxiety provoking situations
  1. Develop preventive strategies

  • Counselling may focus on developing preventive strategies to minimise the risk of future stress and anxiety issues.
  • This may involve lifestyle changes, boundary-setting, building social support networks, and fostering resilience.

MCL Medics First Day Absence Management Counselling Service offers valuable support and guidance to employees struggling with anxiety and stress, by helping them build resilience, develop coping skills, and to improve their overall quality of life. Through addressing anxiety and stress proactively, employees can experience greater wellbeing and a renewed sense of control over their lives when returning to the workplace.

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