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Our specialist expertise, knowledge and competence allows us to deliver high quality, bespoke medical solutions to our clients operating in challenging and remote locations around the world. Our innovative technology is industry leading and enables us to adapt flexibly and proactively to our clients changing requirements whilst delivering efficiencies and cost savings.

Occupational Hygiene

Integrated Solutions

This case study concerns our capability in undertaking risk assessment relating to occupational hygiene and in doing so, working closely with the client as part of an integrated... MORE +

Periodic Reporting

Medic Performance

At the start of a new contract awarded to us in 2014, five medics from the previous medical provider were TUPE'd across to us. As part of our... MORE +

Medical Records

Transition & Management

During 2015 we were awarded a number of occupational health contracts. As part of our comprehensive transition and implementation arrangements, we supported our new clients by managing the... MORE +

Organisational Preparedness

Infectious conditions

The Challenge Infectious gastroenteritis is a common and a “two-faced” condition. Medically speaking, it is usually a relatively mild and self-limiting problem. However, from the management and operational standpoint,... MORE +


about what our clients say about working in partnership with us ... MORE +


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