On 21st January we delivered a 60 minute “Introduction to Mindfulness” webinar for our client Worley.

Participants got to experience mindfulness practices for themselves and ask questions of the experienced BAMBA Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. They also learnt about some of the neuroscience that underpins mindfulness and the benefits that can be expected through a regular practice.

Mindfulness helps individuals to not just live their lives, but to live their lives well. Living life well, does not mean the absence of stress or upset, nor does it mean that we do not encounter challenges or difficulties. Living life well involves the ability to tackle life’s difficulties skilfully so that stress and the risk of mental illness are minimised and we are able to fully enjoy, appreciate and take pleasure from the good-times that life has to offer.

Mindfulness is a vital part of the support I receive at work.

Course participant – January 21st

Meditation practices

What we covered in the session

As part of the session, participants were guided through a short mindfulness exercise. The raisin exercise, a short mindfulness exercise encouraging present-moment awareness of the senses, while eating a raisin. This exercise is commonly used as a short exercise to introduce mindful awareness as an alternative to the habitual ‘autopilot’ way of living.

This was followed by a ten-minute mindfulness meditation of body and breath. This is a practice that helps to focus a scattered mind. Participants were guided through the practice, focussing their attention on the breath in and out of the body. Participants were given an introduction into how to work with thoughts as they arise taking attention away from the present.

In excess of 60 participants attended the webinar and feedback received at the end was very positive. One participant commented: “Mindfulness is a vital part of the support I receive at work. Without all these practices I know I wouldn’t be able to listen to the people who need me to listen to them as effectively as I do now.”

A suggested reading and useful resources list was made available to those who were interested in researching the subject further.

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Over 60 people attended
the webinar providing
very positive feedback