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We offer a range of occupational health services including our quick turn around Occupational Health Assessments also known as a Management Referral.

In order to get employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible, early intervention is essential. If an employee has been off sick for more than six weeks, the problem is often compounded and the chances of returning to work at all are significantly reduced. In this case there is a need for Occupational Health Assessment and a OH Report.

Our skilled and experienced occupational health team will work with your company to resolve even the most difficult and sensitive cases whilst always considering the business priorities and culture.

We have a range of options to carry out an Occupational Health Assessment. The options include face to face at one of our clinics, online via our mobile secure video App or Web Portal and telephone.

Occupational Health Assessments and ongoing case management via secure video contact have proven to be very successful with a very high uptake.

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Management of Sickness Absence

The management of sickness absence (or management referral) is primarily a management function. Businesses should have an agreed policy on sickness absence. Furthermore, this policy should be comparable with current legislation and agreed by unions and/or employee representatives. It is important that within the sickness absence policy there are clearly defined steps to be taken where you require the assistance of MCL Medics.

We understand that employees who are absent through ill health, or whose health is affecting their performance can lead to extra demands on colleagues or the business. Equally, we also understand that managers require help in ascertaining if a health problem will affect an employee’s ability to work, now or in the future.

There is robust evidence that early intervention can facilitate a return to work. Effective approaches incorporate evidence-based concepts of vocational rehabilitation. These include:

  • Identifying obstacles to work participation
  • Developing a return to work plan
  • Providing work-focused information
  • Coordinating the key players (person-workplace-worker)

These can all be facilitated either by a ‘face to face’ consultation or via secure video connection. Please visit our occupational health assessment FAQs.

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