Horwich Cohen Coghlan (HCC) Solicitors are a professional legal services company operating across Northern England and The Midlands. We were asked to tailor a bespoke service to meet the needs of their staff. The main aim of embedding the EAP into their workforce was to support human resource’s goals in improving employee attendance, performance, and job satisfaction.

MCL Medics delivers a 24/7/365 EAP programme for HCC Solicitors, including education and wellbeing awareness, counselling and workforce health information, advice, and support. We proactively market and promote the service using established internal communication channels, as well as through leaflets and posters and co-designed events. Our team of BACP-accredited counsellors delivers effective assessments, triage, counselling, therapeutic interventions e.g., Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), brief solution focused therapy (BSFT) and care/support pathways for all client employees. Our health and wellbeing EAP App, which we tailored to meets the needs of HCC, creates a better user experience by keeping employees informed, helping them to make better wellbeing choices and by making engagement with EAP easier.

Since starting to work with the MCL Medics’ EAP programme we have found it to be a great help in supporting our employees

Human Resource manager – HCC

Invested in health and wellbeing

Improving productivity and reduced absenteeism

The EAP has supported the human resource manager and has had a positive impact on employees by creating a happier, healthier workforce. Early intervention has ensured employee mental health issues have been addressed before they have escalated into a crisis or sickness absence. Because problems at work and/or home have been resolved, employees are happy at work which in turn has improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.  Employee morale and motivation has also been improved because they feel supported by their employer knowing the company is committed to investing in their health and wellbeing.

“Since starting to work with the MCL Medics’ EAP programme we have found it to be a great help in supporting our employees, particularly those needing support with mental health issues and workplace pressures. The EAP team have offered us many opportunities to shape the service to specifically meet our business needs, they are always highly responsive and have worked in partnership with us to develop our guidance and support on domestic and emotional abuse.”
We have also recently worked with HCC to advise on and support their COVID-19 workforce strategy including providing ‘Safe Return to Work” guides and Managing Anxiety and Wellbeing leaflets and online/EAP App content.