Apr 22

World Earth Day

World Earth Day is a time to reflect on what we’ve achieved and look at what we can do in our future efforts to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment. Sustainable business practice is a top priority for us here at MCL. We have previously taken significant steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and are on track with our goal of becoming net-zero by 2024.

In support of this, we ensure green travel activities that reduce single user car travel including cycle to work, car sharing or public transport. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions through video conferencing and remote/flexible working practices. Furthermore, we proactively promote energy efficiency, recycling and the use of sustainable materials/resources across all operations and delivery premises.

Earth Day reminds us of the future we want to see and the progress we have committed to. At MCL, we will continue to invest in our planet through year-round, collective efforts that bring us closer to our sustainability goals.