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The prioritisation of mental wellbeing is gradually ascending to the forefront of many managers’ to-do lists. However, companies frequently encounter difficulties in effectively implementing this focus. How can they furnish their employees with tangible solutions and supportive resources, particularly when mental health isn’t their primary domain of expertise?

Enter the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP): a resource designed to furnish employees with guidance through a spectrum of challenges or personal issues, whether they arise at home or in the workplace.

Medics offers extensive services and packages through our Employee Assistance Program, which includes EAP counselling. With our experience in various industries and seasoned counsellors, we can help your employees overcome marriage challenges affecting their productivity at work and mental and physical health.

What is EAP Counselling?

EAP counselling is part of the EAP program we offer, delivered by fully qualified counsellors from MCL Medics.

The goal of EAP counselling is to provide support to employees in overcoming challenges and achieving a healthy work-life balance. We make the services easily accessible and confidential, encouraging employees to seek help when they need it without fear of jeopardising their privacy or their work.

Our approach to EA counselling varies depending on the employees we are working with and the nature of their struggles. The sessions are tailored to achieve specific goals for different employees and address their specific problems.

Benefits of EAP Counselling

EAP counselling offers many benefits to your organisation and its employees. These benefits include:


Many employers offer EAP counselling as part of the EAP for their employee benefits package, making the counselling easily accessible for the employees and their partners. This encourages employees to seek counselling when needed without searching for external resources or worrying about external resources.


Cost is always a concern for many employees. Access to EAP counselling at no cost makes employees more likely to seek out the service. Professional counselling can help address and support many of the challenges that employees face, including financial stress and balancing life and work.

Early intervention

One of the main aims of our short-term EAP counselling is to address issues before they escalate or lead to long-term problems. We can help support employees resolve conflicts, which ultimately contributes to better motivation and an improved work environment.

Work-life balance

One of the challenges that sends employees into counselling or therapy is not having a healthy work-life balance. Ultimately, this impacts an individual’s job performance and overall well-being. Through EAP counselling, we can help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, leading to better job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.


Like any other type of counselling, EAP counselling offered through the EAP program is confidential. Employees can seek help without worrying about their employer or coworkers finding out about their issues.

What to Expect During EAP Counselling

We follow a rigorous blueprint that has consistently delivered positive results in the organisations we have worked with. Although many parts of this blueprint are tailored to meet the needs of the industry and the employees in question, we follow the same steps to ensure we provide the most comprehensive and satisfactory results for the employee.

Initial assessment

This is the very first step of EAP counselling. Our MCL Medics professionals will focus on understanding your relationship dynamics during this stage, gathering background information by asking questions, identifying the issues and assessing the current state of the relationship.

Goal setting and treatment planning

After the initial assessment, we work with the employees to set specific and achievable goals based on their challenges and relationship dynamics.

Session structure and technique

We will set up the duration and frequency of each session and determine the techniques and therapeutic approaches to address your relationship issues. We offer various counselling services depending on the nature and needs of the employees in question, but can include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Brief solution-focused therapy
  • Person-centred therapy

We can use these or other counselling methods for any employees seeking counselling. With our experience in various industries, having worked with thousands of employees, and our vast service offering, we are the perfect Occupational Health service provider to provide EAP counselling for your organisation regardless of the challenges or size.

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