Drug & Alcohol Screening

Experts in the provision of drug and alcohol screening, we offer a comprehensive service to help protect the health and wellbeing of your workforce, both onshore and offshore. Our team of medical professionals in Aberdeen work closely with each individual business to ensure the challenges associated with screening protocol are managed in a sensitive and confidential manner. We provide tailored support to help manage the complete process, from setting policy, to screening and delivering the results in a cost effective and timely way.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals are fully trained to carry out with cause and random drug and alcohol screening, both onshore and offshore, in line with your substance abuse policy. We perform both non-evidential and evidential drug screening and evidential alcohol screening as required. Using fully calibrated and regularly maintained alcohol breathalysers, similar to those used by the UK police force, ensures that results are legally defensible for our clients. Every aspect of our screening processes are implemented and quality assured in accordance with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Oil and Gas UK, IPIECA, standard operating procedure on drug and alcohol testing and applicable legislation on data protection.


Our random drug and alcohol screening process include two stages. Stage one is non evidential testing that confirms the presence of a substance, but is not legally defensible as analysis is not sufficiently detailed. The procedure is as follows:

  • The employee provides photographic proof of identity
  • The employee completes a consent form
  • A urine sample is taken and split into two sterile containers
  • Container one is tested using the required dip-stick

Stage two is evidential testing. If a non-negative sample is registered and the presence of a drug established, the second untouched container reserved from stage one testing is decanted into two laboratory supplied containers and sent to an appropriate secure clinical laboratory. This process follows full chain of custody procedures and is witnessed by the donor. Alcohol testing is carried out using a calibrated evidential breathalyser with a printer similar to those used by police forces. The units used by MCL Medics are calibrated regularly to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Should an employee fail an initial breathalyser test, a second test is performed 20 minutes later – a positive result from this repeat test means that the employee is deemed to have failed the screening.

Results from the urine test will be categorically negative or positive and are legally defensible. An untouched sample is kept frozen at the laboratory for one year and can be used if an appeal is lodged. Samples can be confirmed positive or as consistent with declared medication. All positive results are assessed by a medical review officer. Where the sample is positive, the company will be required to follow the process set out in their drug and alcohol policy.

Individuals tested will be made aware of their results on the day. If an individual has a non-negative result, the company will be informed of this on the day.

In addition to drug and alcohol screening services, MCL Medics provide assistance with the review, drafting and administration of your organisation’s substance abuse policy. We also offer expert advice on rehabilitation options for your workforce.


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