Day One Absence Management

Reducing Absenteeism

We’re an established, experienced and trusted, UK wide based team with over two decades’ experience in providing bespoke Day One Absence Management – we’re well equipped to drive your business absenteeism.

We’ve taken a bespoke approach to absence management. Our process will be based on the exact needs and requirements of your business. We will focus on streamlining process and driving down cost. Our Day One Absence Management service is 24/7 allowing for early intervention with a nurse led triage, providing on the day advice and support.

In order to get your employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible, early intervention is essential. Once an employee has been off sick for more than six weeks, the problem is often compounded and the chances of returning to work at all are significantly reduced.

We are extremely proud of our skilled and experienced occupational health team. Our team will work with you, in the context of the business culture and business priorities in mind, to resolve even the most difficult and sensitive cases, where fitness to work is an issue.

As minimum, your business will receive:

  • Dedicated phone line to record all absences
  • Recording the type of absence (medical or non medical)
  • Identify pathways (for example if it’s ‘medical’ transfer to a Nurse)
  • Real time absence notification detailing reason, days/hours lost
  • Early intervention
  • Trending and benchmarking
  • Developing targeted wellbeing campaigns from analysing trends

We offer a range of services which tie nicely in with Day Absence Management which include Occupational Health Services and Employee Assistance Programme. A bespoke solution which would be flexible and allow for services to added or removed.

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