Remote Medical Services

Delivering expert medical support 24/7

We are an experienced and trusted provider of remote medical services with a dedicated 24/7 Remote Medical Services Centre based in Aberdeen. Our services include a full suite of remote medical solutions from offshore medics, topside medical support, global remote medical support, medical supplies and much more.

We take a holistic approach to the provision of critical and non critical medical services for our clients in remote locations. Experts in their field, our Remote Healthcare Team of specialist medics, doctors, emergency medicine consultants, coordinators and logistics deliver medical support 24/7. Comprising of some of the most respected remote medical practitioners in the sector, our Remote Healthcare Team work around the clock to deliver emergency advice and support.

Our Specialist Sectors

  • Oil and Gas

  • Marine

  • Exploration and Research

Tailored Solutions

Emergency response and mobilisation
Medivac co-ordination and onshore reviews
Clinical supervision
Medical Advice & Strategy
Medical Supplies and Equipment

Offshore Medics

We supply offshore medics to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your workforce both in remote locations onshore and offshore.

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Topside Medical Support

We are a leading provider in Topside Medical Support, our team of specialist doctors and consultants provide 24/7 support.

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Sickbay Medical Audit

We undertake annual sickbay medical audits of remote location sickbays, accommodation and galley facilities to ensure all are fit for purpose.

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Medical Supplies and Equipment

We are a trusted medical supplies and equipment provider with extensive experience in global logistics and regulatory requirements

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