Oct 20

Ways to reduce stress during the COVID-19 pandemic


Try to exercise regularly. Even if gyms are closed in your area and social distancing guidelines are in place, it is still possible to get in some aerobic exercise, or to walk, jog or cycle.  Perhaps try yoga, whatever you decide to do exercise releases endorphins that help you feel better and maintain a positive attitude.

Eat Healthy

Being stressed can adversely affect your appetite and your metabolism.  The best way to tackle stress and emotional eating is to be mindful of what triggers your stress eating.  Keep healthy snacks close by and stay away from the junk food.

Connect with loved ones and friends

It is important to connect with others during this time, especially with so much uncertainty and fear around.  Being isolated can lead to depression and anxiety and we need to connect with our loved ones on a regular basis.  Use FaceTime, text, email and check in with those that live alone.  This can help relieve your stress and help others to feel better.

There are many simple practices and ways to reduce stress that you can engage in such as meditation, taking a relaxing bath, keeping a journal, or watching your favourite movie.

  • If you are working from home, then move away from your desk and take a proper lunch break
  • Try a mindfulness meditation
  • Learn a grounding technique for when you are feeling stressed
  • Get enough sleep
  • Prioritise and organise your time

Remember, it’s OK not to be OK and it’s common to feel this way

You are not alone in feeling stressed and anxious about COVID-19. Many people are struggling to cope and going through a range of emotions during this time is common.

You are not on your own

People all over the world are having similar feelings to you. When people are going through a tough time, they often experience negative thoughts about themselves and feel they have no-one to turn to.

This situation, COVID-19 and these feelings will not last forever

This too will pass. Everyone can feel stressed or anxious at some point in their lives.  Now more than ever people are finding it hard to cope and it may be difficult to see beyond your current situation.

Listen only to the facts about COVID-19 from genuine sources, such as the World Health Organisation(WHO) or Government news.  This will help you to understand the actual risk to yourself and people you care about.  By doing this it can make an outbreak less stressful.

Talking about how you’re feeling can help put things into perspective and help you to feel more positive about the future.