May 20

EAP, Health and Wellbeing support to over 15,000 Police and Fire employees

In April 2021, MCL was awarded the contract for the provision of an Employee Assistance Programme, otherwise known as the EAP service, to support Surrey and Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. The EAP service, which went live on the 1st of May 2021, marks a huge step forward in the OH Well Being Collaboration, where over 15,000 employees will now be able to access health and wellbeing and confidential support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


All our services are delivered by qualified and experienced professional’s and are expected to help and support staff through a myriad of life hurdles. Our counsellors are trained to deal with all manner of stressors. And, specialist counsellors are on hand to help with complex cases. All counsellors hold BACP accreditation too. To add to this, MCL are organisational members of the BACP, which means the quality of care is never compromised and always held to a standard of excellence.


This level of support is designed to help with employee wellbeing so that Surrey and Sussex Police and the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service benefit from higher levels of efficiency from a happier and healthier workforce.


The full EAP service is available through a mobile app, web portal, email and freephone providing multiple touchpoints for any employees struggling to reach out for help. The extensive range of support available means that client employees will have access to holistic support that caters to a wide variety of needs including but not limited to; stress, anxiety, lifestyle, work-life balance, bereavement, financial and legal advice.


MCL understands that for most people, the idea of asking for help can lead people to an impasse. This is why they have developed a self-referral process that reduces the barriers and makes it easier for employees to come forward. Referrals will also be able to be carried out via managerial referral and OH referral.


The support is also available to close families of employees, making this level of care fully inclusive. MCL understands that caring for everyone, including the family, creates a significantly more productive workforce. This also provides the client with value that goes beyond tick-box exercises but demonstrates a willingness to invest in a healthier culture.


At the heart of the services is the promise of confidential support, an invaluable asset to any workforce unpacking their vulnerabilities.


It’s not only the MCL counsellors that undergo a strict vetting process, but MCL is itself a registered EAP provider and registered under the Employee Assistance Professional Association UK (EAPA).  This registration ensures that quality is assured. MCL is dedicated to surpassing client expectations, and those of the EAPA.


This willingness and commitment to value means that the Surrey and Sussex Police and the East Sussex Fire and Rescue team can look forward to quality care like no other. This partnership presents a new opportunity for MCL, too. Now MCL are prepared to demonstrate excellence, to a workforce that is no stranger to stress and trauma.


MCL is greatly looking forward to a positive working relationship with the OH Well Being Collaboration and supplying the “always-on” EAP service. And, to help workforces at risk.