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Our travel health clinic team in Aberdeen provide expert disease prevention advice and treatment for our clients’ workforces. With the global nature of the energy sector, understanding the potential health risks of global travel is crucial. Our experienced team of travel health professionals offer a one-stop-shop for all your travel health requirements, providing an advice and vaccination service that is tailored to your exact needs. Our clinics are also registered Yellow Fever Centres approved by UK Government Department of Health.

Our team provide advice, support and a vaccination services to anyone travelling around the world. With expertise across the energy sector, we understand the complexities of the industry and of the health implications of traveling to certain global locations, that’s why we aim to keep things simple for you. Simply book a consultation at one of our travel health clinics and our team will provide a bespoke support and vaccination service for you. Trust MCL Medics to take care of your travel health needs when working abroad.

Following an initial travel health consultation, our team of healthcare professionals will complete a full health risk assessment of your planned trip to assess the potential for exposure to foreign diseases. This allows us to provide a tailored programme to ensure maximum protection against any health risks associated with the countries where you intend to travel. Our Travel Health Nurse will talk you through the whole process so you understand any health risks associated with so your destination and treatments required. You will also receive a vaccine record card with details of your inoculation programme. Our clinics also offer additional literature on many travel health topics for further reassurance.

Our team will ensure your travel health programme is fully explained for peace of mind. We provide reliable advice on risk prevention, additional precautions to reduce the risk of infection, as well as full protection advice before you travel. If vaccinations are required for your intended destination then we will provide vaccine timings for maximum protection before you travel. Our services include:

  • Expert advice and support from our specialist travel health advisors
  • A comprehensive range of vaccines (a registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre)
  • A vaccine record card, detailing the inoculation programme administered

To book your travel health consultation please call 01224 938083 or complete the form below.


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