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The corporate world is competitive by nature. While many employees thrive in this cut-throat and high-pressure environment, the same can’t be said for all employees. Although corporate counselling can help such employees cope and adapt, it is also handy for thriving employees struggling with other personal areas.

MCL Medics provides corporate counselling tailored to your organisation. We cater to companies in various organisations and appreciate that different industries provide different challenges. Therefore, our counselling and EAP services are designed to help your employees thrive in their areas of speciality.

What is Corporate Counselling?

Corporate counselling is a professional counselling service designed to help employees deal with personal or work-related issues that may affect their mental health, well-being or performance in the workplace.

With the right approach, corporate counselling can be the missing piece in helping employees become more productive at work, as well as fostering a better, more cohesive workforce that comes together for the good of the organisation.

We can help you achieve your organisational goals by ensuring your employees are mentally healthy through corporate counselling. Our team of experienced counsellors are specialised in various industries and can work with you to develop the right program and support for your employees.

With our corporate counselling service, we can take the diversity of your workplace, maximise its potential and help ensure it works towards a common goal.

Is Corporate Counselling Necessary?

Yes, absolutely. Corporate counselling has become a common way for companies to support the mental health of their workforce, with figures indicating up to 88% of UK businesses now have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or other workplace counselling service in place.

Studies have shown that 55% of employees cannot work or function and feel unmotivated, flat, burnt out or anxious. 79% of UK employees feel close to burnout, and 87% feel a sense of dread once a month.

You might be surprised to discover that in our line of work, some of the commonly reported causes of high stress in the workplace include:

  • An approaching deadline
  • Sales targets
  • New team or management
  • Challenging role
  • Fatigue
  • Extended office hours can strain personal relationships, particularly with a spouse.
  • Competition
  • Harassment

Most of these factors are common in the business world, making corporate counselling a vital tool for every work environment to help employees overcome, adapt and adjust to these stressors and thrive within the organisation.

How Does Corporate Counselling Work?

We take an extremely customised approach to corporate counselling because we understand the differences in industries and the requirements of each company and business.

However, our approach is based on the same pillars and policies to deliver consistent results to those we work with.

Our corporate counselling is a two-way process. Our counsellors listen and provide guidance and support based on their experience and training that deliver the most practical solutions.

Our corporate counselling is anchored around three key elements:

  • Correspondence – This involves communication through listening to the employees. The counsellor can react or offer support to the employees based on the matter at hand. Additionally, they can provide feedback to the company on how they can improve the work environment to make it better suited to the employees and increase satisfaction and productivity.
  • Engaging – Through engagement, the counsellor works with the employees to devise customised solutions to their stresses and improve their mental health. Engagement is geared towards providing employees with tools that help them practice more self-governance, give encouraging feedback and create conditions that the employee can benefit from.
  • Making a difference – MCL Medics is all about making a difference in every organisation we work with. We aim to help every employee and employer we work with connect with their goals and improve their productivity and viability.

Benefits of Corporate Counselling

It’s no longer enough for companies to provide employees with bonuses and leave days. It’s also crucial to ensure your employees are mentally healthy to deliver and achieve the goals you have set for your organisation. Whether mandated or voluntary, corporate counselling offers numerous benefits, such as:

Reduced absenteeism and turnover

Corporate counselling can help reduce absenteeism and turnover rates by providing employees the support they need to manage personal and work-related issues. It also increases job satisfaction and helps keep employees around longer, meaning the company can avoid the high cost of recruiting new talent.

Improved employee well-being

The primary benefit of corporate counselling is improving the well-being of your employees. Not only does the success of your organisation rely on a healthy and mentally capable workforce, but providing corporate counselling services is a great way of showing that you care for them.

Increased productivity

Keeping your employees healthy means fewer missed work days and better coping and stress management skills, allowing the employees to be more productive, engaged and motivated. They are also better equipped to adapt to the changing work environment and keep up with the company’s goals.

Why You Should Work with MCL Medics

At MCL Medics, we want to ensure your employees get the best support for the challenges they face in their industry. Some of the reasons you should work with us include:

We offer a broad range of services

At MCL Medics, you can enjoy flexibility and diversity. We’ve been around long enough to know that employees face various professional and personal challenges with different solutions. Through our highly qualified and experienced counsellors, your employees can access professional support matched to their needs, such as:

  • Person centred counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Brief solution-focused therapy
  • Gestalt therapy

Customised Corporate Counselling

The implementation of each type of counselling is different depending on the employee and their area of specialisation. For this reason, our corporate counselling services are customised to the organisation’s field and the needs of every employee we work with.


We have over 20 years of experience providing health and well-being services in the corporate world. We’ve been through many situations and industries and know how to handle different situations. We’ve perfected our services and can confidently support the most diverse and challenging work environments.

Proven results

We’ve worked with some of the largest corporations and employers in the UK and delivered exceptional results to their employees. Our approach ensures we provide the highest mental well-being and ensure your employees are happier and more productive.

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