Health Surveillance Services

Health surveillance is the process of monitoring the health of employees that are exposed to potential health risks in the workplace. This process allows organisations to put preventative measures in place to protect its workforce as well as detecting early signs of work related ill health. Our health surveillance services are based on our clients’ health risk assessments. They are designed and managed in line with both health and safety legislation and industry requirements.

We have a qualified and experienced occupational health team based at our central Aberdeen clinic that offer a complete health surveillance service. In addition, our on site health surveillance services are available throughout Scotland and UK wide. Whatever the needs of your workforce, our team of occupational health professionals can assist in supporting the overall objectives of your business by focusing on the prevention of ill health within the workplace. Our programmes use a variety of methods from health questionnaires to specific health checks and medical assessments.

Our Occupational Health Team completed 3,047 onsite HAVS consultations in 2019

Our team will support the provision of a system of ongoing health checks to safeguard the health and well-being of your workforce. Our programmes provide invaluable data and feedback to help evaluate potential health risks to your workforce, whilst also advising how workplace control measures can be adjusted in accordance with these findings. Through continuous investment in technology and innovation, we are able to provide an industry leading online service that ensures transparency and improves efficiency.

Experts in the provision of bespoke occupational health surveillance services, we understand that every business is different. By providing a choice of comprehensive off site or on site programmes, our services reflect these differences and provide solutions to suit any business in the UK. Our experienced occupational health team provide UK wide on site workplace services tailored to the specific requirements of any workforce.  We are based in Aberdeen and provide our health surveillance services across Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom.

Our on site health surveillance services provide expert workplace guidance and support in line with current legislation. Our services safeguard workforces and ensure workplace compliance, from noise or vibration at work regulations, to hazardous substances, we provide health surveillance solutions for any workplace. Regardless of the size of your organisation, we can roll out a health surveillance programme to suit the needs of your employees.

Our health checks

  • Hearing surveillance – including audiometric testing to identify any early hearing changes associated with noise exposure.
  • Respiratory surveillance – including spirometry to identify any potentially significant lung conditions related to work.
  • Biological monitoring – The aim of biological monitoring is to detect hazardous substances in the body before adverse health effects occur. It is thus aimed to prevent rather than detect adverse changes. It can be performed where identified as necessary to help confirm that current control measures are effective, work practices are protective and that training is understood and followed. Examples are blood and urinary monitoring for Lead, under Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002, and urinary screening for Isocyanates.

Amongst other benefits, our on site programmes provide maximum convenience through minimising disruption to employees and productivity. Our occupational health professionals attend site to complete all health surveillance questionnaires, health checks and any medicals at a prearranged time that is convenient for those involved. Upon attending site, our occupational health team will supply all the equipment required to complete the screening programme in a systematic and timely fashion to ensure efficiency. Following the visit, our team will provide a full report of its findings. The report will include any immediate actions required as well as recommendations for future health surveillance in accordance with HSE regulations and best practice.

We are a trusted provider with years of experience protecting the health and wellbeing of workforces throughout the UK. Choosing to work in partnership with MCL Medics provides the following benefits:

  • A choice of off site or on site health surveillance services
  • Health surveillance management by a team of experienced Occupational Health Nurses and Physicians in a location that suits the needs of your business – on or off site
  • Evidence based health surveillance protocols and regularly maintained and calibrated equipment
  • Accurate record keeping and safe storage of data, holding all health surveillance data centrally in a secure location in line with Data Protection Act requirements
  • A recall system and reporting tool to guarantee a systematic and comprehensive approach to providing results of health surveillance programmes
  • Assurance of meeting legislative requirements
  • Assurance of clinical best practice matched with cost effective solutions

The HSE provide further information about the importance of health surveillance within the workplace.


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