Secure Video Consultation (Telemedicine)

Our investment in innovative new secure video technology is assisting our offshore remote healthcare services and giving our clients new ways of working with a medical services provider, saving both time and money

Our Secure Video Consultation application provides face to face consultation with the medic and/or patient. This allows real-time assessment and diagnosis with physicians able to visually see the patient in 720dpi

This service makes it possible to to get close-ups of acute injuries eg skin conditions and wounds and access to more knowledgeable staff at short notice


  • Targeted delivery of the right support
  • Reducing medevacs from offshore
  • Utilisation for ‘light-touch’ interventions
  • Real time face to face with a remote specialist doctor
  • Clinical support for lone working practitioners




  • Our Application is a secure real-time video and audio feed running on a fully managed architecture hosted within leading data centres worldwide
  • It can run on PC, Laptop and Mac using Google Chrome, Firefox web browser
  • Smartphone/tablet using the dedicated MCL Medics app.
  • Runs on 4G or network connection
  • HTTPS transport protocol and 128 bit AES encryption
  • Fully FIPS and HIPAA compliant.
  • Conforms to ISO 27001 management standard







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