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Transition & Management

During 2015 we were awarded a number of occupational health contracts. As part of our comprehensive transition and implementation arrangements, we supported our new clients by managing the transfer of occupational health records. The whole process was managed seamlessly, in compliance with legal requirements and at no cost to our new clients.

Consent and tracking of records:

We provided a bespoke Notification of Change of Occupational Health Provider template which included communication to employees, specifically on the transfer of medical records, for our new clients to use to notify their employees of the change of occupational health provider, and to obtain their informed consent for transfer of their occupational health records. This communication also included the use of a FAQs element, as follows:

This notification is required to allow transfer of employees’ occupational health records, as both a legal and ethical requirement. The letter and FAQs were sent out from our clients to all their employees, with the advice that anyone wishing to object to the transfer of their occupational health records to the new provider must do so in writing by a specific date.

After the specified date, our new clients advised us there had been no objections returned regarding the transfer of medical records from the previous occupational health provider to us. We also prepared a letter for our clients to issue to the previous provider, advising them of the list of employees consulted, that no objections had been received and the named occupational health records that needed to be transferred.

Arrangements were then made with the previous provider, for our named clinician to collect the records from their premises, whilst ensuring that sufficient controls were in place to guarantee the integrity of the records would be preserved. As part of our procedures, and in order to provide an assurance that the records were transferred, we signed a confirmation of receipt which formed part of our standard record transfer documentation.

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