Occupational Hygiene Services

MCL Medics deliver a wide range of occupational hygiene services for our clients onshore and offshore in the UK and overseas. A vital consideration for any business, occupational hygiene forms an integral part of our service offering to support the health and wellbeing of our clients’ workforces. Occupational hygiene does not operate in isolation and is supported by our comprehensive occupational health services offering.

Our occupational hygiene services assist our clients to identify and evaluate potential risks to their employees’ health. Potential health risks will vary depending on the working environment and include chemical, biological (e.g. Legionella), physical (e.g. noise and vibration), ergonomic (e.g. Manual Handling) and psychosocial hazards (e.g. Fatigue and Stress)

Robust occupational hygiene strategies, systems and processes can enable organisations to control and mitigate against these risks. MCL Medics’ occupational hygienists work closely with our clients to provide a range of services to assess, control, monitor and manage these risks to safeguard the health and well-being of employees and deliver commercial benefits. Our occupational hygiene professionals assist our clients to:

  • develop health and hygiene risk assessments and health maps
  • evaluate legal and procedural compliance by conducting site assurance audits
  • advise on suitable cost effective controls for health and occupational hygiene risk reduction
  • develop management systems and risk reduction plans

  • conduct industrial hygiene monitoring where it can deliver value
  • develop and deliver bespoke or standard occupational hygiene training
  • create hazardous substance inventories and task based hazardous substance assessments

Our Occupational Hygiene Team are experienced in conducting a range of hygiene inspections on site as well as equipment testing to ensure full compliance. Our expertise in the oil and gas industry enables us to deliver exceptional quality services for our clients both onshore and offshore and services can be tailored to our clients requirements.

In addition to face to face occupational hygiene consultations, the MCL Medics Occupational Hygiene Team also provide consultations via video calls or telephone to organisations nationwide.

If you want to discuss your occupational hygiene requirements please call our team today on 01224 938083.


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